eChanakya is a dedicated online distance education platform for all. Its purpose is the empowerment of in-class and lifelong learning of students of all ages. Online and digital pedagogy is a paradigm shift for educational institutions worldwide. Digital convergence is increasingly proving to be an ineluctable and disruptive technology for the masses. Hence, course providers are shifting from in-class pedagogy to online and mobile distance learning platforms.

It is no longer an option. eChanakya elearning platform has long realised the potential of providing outcome-based courses and tuitions to everyone who is interested in enhancing his knowledge, skills and talents in anticipation of more dramatic changes in our modality of living, studying and working.

The multimodal approach to pedagogy and andragogy in the world predominantly configured by multimedia and screen culture is effective and promising. Our tuitions sessions consist of an amalgam of flip-class, instructor-led video and live lectures which livestreamed and also are recorded for subsequent and on-demand watching for revision.

As a collaborative, ubiquitous, interactive, co-operative, and a duplex mode of multimedia communications it has evolved as the most powerful, popular and the most used imparter of knowledge and education. Whether you are a student pursuing an academic path, or some one interested in enhancing your vocational skills to boost your opportunities of employment, or want to launch yourselves as an entrepreneurs

With this prospect in mind eChanakya elearning platform has adopted this web-based pedagogy. Compounded with a selected range of theories of learning to maximise the building of knowledge we aim to supplement in-class and syllabus-based curriculum and also impart free and paid-for courses as independent studies which will contribute to your success in life, career, passion or business.

eChanakya elearning platform not only supports you on online but also has 'boots on the ground' so as to speak. We have a team of teachers expert in their own fields, to help you solve your problems arising out of not being able to understand the fundamental concept of your subject. We are continuously developing our online resources to provide you satisfaction in understanding your subjects in a sustained manner and collaborative environment

STEM Courses & Tuitions

We provide GCE O & AL physics, chemistry, biology as constituents subjecs of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics pedagogy..

24 Hour Support

We provide our students live and real time support via our dedicated online portal, icconference, omnicasting and skype...


We are in the process of inviting language teachers to develop our online learning pedagody in many leading languages including English, `French, German, Spanish, Sanskrit, Japanese and Arabic...

Better Communication

Increase your inter-personal as well as your media communication competence to help you improve your performance, presentation, promotion, research, business, teaching or debating skills...

Develop Your Media Literacy Skills

Today's digital world requires you to be equipped with digital multi-competences to be able to understand mediatexts, to interact with the digital sphere and create content for all platforms...

Develop Your Spiritual Literacy

You simply have no idea what's out there because you have not seen or experienced it. Your power is within you. Your energy within you needs to be re-ignited to be reconnected to your higher self...


Our process on creating awesome projects

  • 1. Envisioning
  • 2. Planning
  • 3. Development

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